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What is OnlineDraft?

With OnlineDraft, you can host a draft for anything you share. OnlineDraft works perfectly for groups of people who share AHL Season Tickets.

Thousands of season tickets holders use OnlineDraft to split their tickets - you should too!

OnlineDraft has loaded the schedules for all AHL Teams. Sign up, select your team, add your partners, and then draft the games. Sharing American Hockey League season tickets has never been easier!

Can you handle my group?

Yes! We understand that every group has different rules and ownership agreements. Our system is designed to handle ANY season ticket group. You have full control over the group members, the draft order, the draft flow, and any other special agreement that your group needs. OnlineDraft provides a fair, efficient, and fun way to divvy up your season tickets.

How does it work?

1. Sign Up

It is free to sign up and add your partners. Basic functionality to add and assign tickets, players, days, or whatever you are sharing, is also free.

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Use your mobile device or any internet-connected device to connect to OnlineDraft

2. Add your partners

Add partners by entering their email address. Each partner can set their own draft settings -- including AutoDraft.

3. Picks Per Partner

Picks Per Partner

4. Draft Order

Draft Order

5. Rank Games Before

Rank Games

6. Start your Draft!

Start Draft

7. Draft Results

Track Pricing

8. Season Calendar

Season Calendar

Common Questions

My partners take a different number of games -- can the draft order account for this?
Certainly. You have total control over the draft order and we have tools to help you set up a fair draft order regardless of how many games or tickets each partner takes.

As the administrator, can I draft for my partners?
Of course. You can pause the draft at any point and pick for a partner. You can also undo the last pick.

Is there an AutoDraft?
Yes. We always recommend people making their own picks, but any partner can rank the games in the season and turn on AutoDraft and the system will pick for them.

Can I access the draft results all season long?
Definitely. Your draft results will be available to ALL partner all season long. You can view ownership details in a list format or in a calendar.

Key Features

Easy Setup

Timed or Untimed Drafts

Email and SMS (text message) Turn Notification

Track Pricing

Full control of the Draft Order

Draft Order Algorithm for Complex Ownership Structures

Administrator control of the Live Draft

Calendar and List View of all Games & Tickets

Pre-Rank Games before the Draft & AutoDraft

Works on any Internet-Connected Device

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