Custom Fantasy Leagues

Your League. Your Rules. Finally, you can create a Fantasy League for anything!

The beta period for the Scoring functionality has ended! We appreciate everyone who has tried this out. We have some terrific feedback and custom league scoring will be available in our next major release.

Now you can run your own fantasy league the way you want! Load whatever you are drafting, hold the draft, and then use Custom Fantasy Leagues to keep score.


Start your Custom Fantasy League from any OnlineDraft group.

Custom Fantasy League Start

How do you want to keep score? Your options are limitless. Enter up to 10 criteria. The screenshot below is from a "Survivor" league.

Scoring Criteria

Each week, or month, or whatever segment of time, you enter a Session. In survivor, for example, you could have a session for each episode.

New Session
Session Scores

Next, enter the scores for each session.

Session Data
Session Standings

Once you save, we generate standings for that session.

Session Data
Overall Standings

Overall Standings are set from the scores from all of the sessions.

Session Data
How does it work?

~ 6 minute Video

Custom Fantasy Leagues

Custom Fantasy Leagues are free to customers who hold a draft. There are no limits on the number of participants or scoring sessions. This product is currently in BETA release!

Some sample leagues: CBS Survivor, ABC Bachelor and Bachlorette, The Biggest Loser, The Voice, Pokémon, WWE Raw, Stocks, Celebrities, Sports Teams, Athletes, and more... Host a fantasy league for anything.

Use Draft Templates to load whatever you are drafting. With Draft Templates and Custom Fantasy Drafts, it has never been this easy to run your own fantasy leagues!


Here are a few ideas on how you can use Custom Fantasy Leagues and Draft Templates...

CBS Survivor Draft Oscars Draft WWE Superstars Draft Pokémon Draft