Pokémon Draft

Pokémon Draft

Finally, you have an easy way to draft Pokémon!

1 Import

Use a Draft Template to instantly load Pokémon from Generation 1 - 8.

2 Invite

Add your friends, family, and colleagues to join the competition.

3 Draft

Start your draft! Each person makes their picks and ends up with a team of Pokémon.

4 Play!

With your teams formed, play begins!

Import Nominees

It is a snap to load the Pokémon from Generation 1 - 8. Just login, start a group, and then select Import Template.

Import Pokémon

All of the Pokémon will be instantly loaded into your group and ready to draft!

Add Friends

You can add your friends, family, and colleagues by email address or send out an invite link.


Start your draft whenever you are ready. Picks are made from any internet-connected device. All of the bells and whistles are here to make your draft run smoothly.

Pokemon Draft!

With all the picks done, play can begin!

Play Pokémon!