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Girl Scout Cookie Booth Draft

Girl Scout Troops use OnlineDraft to Divide Booth Slots


Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast needed a way to divide over 400 booth slots for their 50+ Girl Scout Troops.


The Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast successfully used OnlineDraft to divvy up their cookie booths. An administrator loaded all of the available booths into a spreadsheet (location, date, time) and imported the booths into OnlineDraft. Next, all of the troop representatives were able to register and login. At the day of the draft, a snow storm prevented people from traveling so everyone drafted remotely. All troops logged in and made their picks at their turns. When a troop was finished making picks, they turned on AutoSkip to skip all of their future turns.

What they said...

"We were very happy with having the online draft setup and running. Our original intention was to use the system ‘in-person’. Those plans were thwarted by a snow day, and having OnlineDraft setup already allowed us to hold the draft as scheduled but online. We would be quite behind without your system."

-- Karen B. from Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

Key Features for The Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast

  • Remote Login
  • Ability to import booth shifts
  • Calendar and list view of draft results

Draft Shifts

GSCC Calendar view of cookie booths List of cookie booths

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