Pony Baseball League

Youth Baseball Leagues

Baseball Association uses OnlineDraft to form youth teams.

Youth Baseball League

Physician Vacation Draft

Draft Vacation Days

Carloina Radiology uses OnlineDraft to divide Vacation Days.

Vacation Draft

MLB Phillies Tix Draft

Use OnlineDraft to hold a draft for your season tickets to sporting events

Philadelphia Phillies season ticket holders struggled to divide their season tickets each year...

Season Tickets

Work Shifts

Draft Shifts for work

Cisco Meraki uses OnlineDraft to allocate weekend shifts.

Work Shifts

Lee's Summit JR Basketball

Youth Baseball Leagues

Youth league uses OnlineDraft to form teams from 1400 youth athletes.

Youth Basketball League

Adult Softball League

LiveSoftball.tv uses OnlineDraft for their Adult Softball Leagues.

LiveSoftball.tv uses OnlineDraft for their Adult Softball Leagues.

Adult League

AYSO Region 18

Youth Baseball Leagues

Soccer league divides over 2100 players and saves tons of time.

Youth Soccer League

Cookie Booth Draft

Girl Scout Cookie Booth Draft

Girl Scout Council uses OnlineDraft to divvy up Cookie Booth shifts.

Cookie Booth

Celebrity Draft

Use OnlineDraft to hold a draft Charity Event

A Charity uses OnlineDraft for manage their big event.

Celebrty Draft

College Sailing Regatta Draft

Youth Baseball Leagues

Collegiate Sailing Associated needed a way to assign hundreds of racing berths to 40+ Colleges.

Sailing Regatta

ABA League Draft

Use OnlineDraft for your sports leagues

The American Basketball League uses OnlineDraft for their ABA Gold Draft.

League Draft

Hawks 3-on-3 Tournament

Use OnlineDraft for your sports leagues

The Atlanta Hawks use OnlineDraft to make teams for their employee 3 on 3 tournament

3-on-3 Tournament

Quotes from customers...

Season Tickets:

"Thanks for reaching out, we used OnlineDraft for splitting up our Cavs season tickets. We have 4 groups and 16,12,8,5 game break down, the software worked great and was easy to use. Good times"

David G

I came back to use OnlineDraft for a second season for my Mets ticket group. It's an excellent service and the online help is outstanding; no robo-replies or "look at the FAQs [or forum]" – real people giving really helpful info. Reasonable fees. Lots of flexibility and options... OD is great and I regard it as a longterm go-to tool.

Martin B

"We used your service for our Philadelphia Phillies season ticket draft. 9 different parties logged on and we had the draft done in less than an hour. The preloaded schedule that you had in the system made it very easy for us. The site was extremely user friendly and draft set up was simple. I was able to send email updates to all members through the site. We also enjoyed the in draft message board as a way to harass each other. We will definitely use it again next year!!"

Kevin C

"We used your online draft software for Brewer season ticket draft for the first time this year. Once we learned the navigation, we found it easy to use. And that even goes for some of the members who were initially reluctant. We had held this draft in person for many years and they questioned their ability to use the app. But all appeared to be comfortable after our first round. This helped us with logistics, since some of is live out of state and in general, it is difficult to get 10 people's schedules coordinated for a 2 hour in-person meeting. It also simplified our settlement process as far as who owes how much (since we have tickets with varying prices). And the timing surprised us...we began in January figuring it might tak a month or two to complete all 81 games. But we finished in 8 days with virtually no long delays by the members nor need for reminders.

Thanks for creating this. When I searched internet for this type of ap, I thought there would be more sites since it is similar to fantasy hockey or baseball. I found only two and this is the only one that I was comfortable trying out.We'll be back next year."

Keith K

"We use OnlineDraft for our American Hockey League team (LV Phantoms) season. This is the second year we've used it. There are 8 of us splitting 4 seats for the season (40 home games). OnlineDraft makes it so easy to conduct the draft, no need to try and get everyone in the same place at the same time anymore. No pressure to make a pick. I also like that it keeps track of who has what games. It makes distributing tickets a lot easier too.

Keep up the good work!"

Jack K.

"P.S. I am in a different group for a minor league baseball team and we use your tool for that team too!"

"We were looking for a way to complete an online draft to share MLB season tickets and were surprised there weren't options. Luckily, I found OnlineDraft and we were able to efficiently complete a large draft with no issues. This saved a huge amount of time and solved coordination problems."

Josh S.

"I just finished using the online draft tool for our NBA tickets and I love it. It is so much easier than the manual or spreadsheet operation I used to use. I don't have to keep track of my partners picks and everything goes much smoother. We finished the draft in half the time. The price is right too."

Don F.

"Our draft was very successful. Your system solved, as advertised, our problem of trying to get everyone together at one time, in one place. The support we received during the process of setting up the draft was outstanding. We really liked the all the features of the draft, like the notifications, calendar, and spreadsheet options."

"Good job. We'll be back next year, if not sooner. Baseball season cannot be too far away."

Jack K.

"The program worked great for my group. We are friends from college and finding time to get together to pick games is hard... this program was perfect for our needs. I am looking forward to using it for my next draft"

Chuck B.

"The system is working wonderfully! I started sharing Atlanta Braves tickets in 1993 with my draft held by phone and fax, then later with email and spreadsheets. If you share tickets, you know it's an endless hassle. I have 8 owners ranging from 64 to 20 games. Our group is a bit complicated. You handled it with no problems. My group loves it. Your systems has saved me hours of work and hassle. I am so glad we found you."

Steve H.

"OnlineDraft.com was a great tool and resource to use for splitting up my Cubs tickets among 6 owners, 3 full-share owners and 3 1/2 share owners. I needed the ability to choose a few games ahead time for prior commitments and the site allowed me to do so. Draft setup was easy along with easy participant setup and notification. The draft went smoothly and everyone was able to do what was needed. Many selections were made via mobile phone which was a nice surprise to see the site was phone and tablet friendly. Job well done."

John M.

"I have used Online Draft for years with my Anaheim Ducks season seats. The draft process is very easy. This year we did our Anaheim Angles tickets for the first time. We have 8 partners, what a breeze! I used to do this with emails, I will never go back to that."

Mark C.

"Great website, easy to use and an easy process to fit into a busy schedule." (Colorado Rockies Season Tickets)

Jeff B.

"We just used it for our Phillies MLB draft this year because we couldn't get a draft time in person. With everyone setting theirs up for automatic draft, the draft was completed almost instantly and it worked well. It worked for a bunch of generally non-techie guys, so it should work for anyone."

George M.

Youth Sports Leagues:

"We used online draft for our NJB basketball draft and our Bronco Baseball league draft. The set up was fast, simple, and so efficient!!! At the actual draft I connected my laptop to a tv and made the picks. It was very quick and easy to assign each player, once the Manager's made their selections. I have conducted at least 50 youth sports drafts over the years and using OnlineDraft was a phenomenal improvement. I used to spend hours setting everything up and then at the actual Draft, my old system was very cumbersome. I would highly encourage utilizing, and recommend OnlineDraft for anyone who has ever run, or been involved with any type of draft format. This program is AWESOME!!!"

Robert S. Newport Harbor Baseball Association

"OnlineDraft and its SportsEngine Integration reduces the time and effort required of our league reps and coaches, who are all volunteers, to get a season started by over 50% allowing them to focus on basketball and not manual, one by one player rostering. It also speeds up our player draft by at least 30 minutes per draft."

John T. Lee's Summit JR Basketball Association

"We used OnlineDraft for our kids' Pony league drafts in a couple divisions this year and it was fantastic! Very easy to set up, great display during the draft to keep everyone on task, and simple to manage the process and disseminate the team information after it was completed. This is a no-brainer for youth leagues!"

Carey R.

"This draft tool is fantastic! I just participated in a draft for a kids basketball league and I did the entire thing sitting in seat 30D while flying between Los Angeles and New York City. The draft went very smoothly and it was easy to follow and sort the players and make the selections. This was such a fantastic tool to use for a kids' league and I could imagine it would be great for working out other details like vacation home dates and more. Well done, OnlineDraft!!"

Jeff B.

"This was my first time as a league director and after doing some research I decided to use OnlineDraft. What a great decision, it was pretty simple to get all set up and running within 1 day of the draft. The draft board looks great when displayed on a big screen and it only took the coaches a few minutes to get orientated and get rolling. I will be using this for my future online drafts!"

Joe I. @ LiveSoftball.tv

Estate Drafts:

We just used this to distribute my grandmothers belongings between us granddaughters. She just passed. It turned a sad situation into a very fun and pleasant one. We got to remember our grandmother and enjoy this process in a really fun and easy way! Everyone is happy!

Drama-free and fun!

Thank you,


Vacation Homes/Condos:

"We used OnlineDraft to select weeks for our vacaction condo between 3 parties; 1 with 50% interest and 2 with 25% each. It worked GREAT for us, and was both efficient and easy to use. Highly recommend!"

Leah L.