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AYSO Region 18 uses OnlineDraft to sort over 2100 Soccer Players saves hours per meeting

Why does AYSO Region 18 use OnlineDraft? Read their answers below...

How many divisions and players do you divide into teams?

At AYSO Region 18 we used OnlineDraft.com to sort over 2100 players in 10 Divisions onto 216 teams this Fall.

How has OnlineDraft improved however you formed teams in the past?

Draft Meetings used to be run with Excel Spreadsheets. They took forever, 3-4 hours at a minimum, and everyone did them a bit differently. Coaches would get confused about who was still available. Players could be accidentally missed. After the meeting it would take hours for the Division Commissioners to then manually load the results into our league platform. Now we draft with OnlineDraft. Draft Meetings have been cut down to 1.5-3 hours, depending upon the complexity of the division. When we are finished, the Division Commissioner immediately has the result to download, which they can then upload to our league platform in about 20 minutes. And because we have a good process, the 10 drafts are all following the same process with only minor tweaks to address issues specific to their division.

What would you tell another league considering OnlineDraft?

I highly recommend OnlineDraft.com. It has made our lives much easier, running the largest AYSO Region in the Country (over 4500 participants annually). It saves us time, allowing us to set up our teams faster and communicate team assignments to families quicker. It has helped us standardize processes, making life easier for our volunteers, increasing transparency for everyone, and helping us achieve our goal of Balanced Teams. It's a great product and reasonably priced.

-- Scott C., AYSO Region 18

1.5 - 3 hours saved per draft meeting!







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OnlineDraft works great for youth sports leagues / organizations where you need to divide players into teams!
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