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The Biggest Loser (January 2020)

USA Network, cable’s #1 entertainment network, announced today that it will reboot The Biggest Loser, one of the most popular and longest-running unscripted franchises in television history!

Name Weight Hometown Occupation Comments Image
Delores Tomorrow 280 Lbs Chicago, IL Community Leader and Event Planner Ready to empower herself and lose weight
Dominico Brugellis 323 Lbs New York City Food Manager / Chef Loves Italian food and gas 6 year old daughter
Jim DiNattista 385 Lbs Philadelphia, PA Football Coach Father is 3 boys
Katarina Bouton 293 Lbs Jacksonville, FL Cardiac Nurse Loves fast food
Kim Davis 242 Lbs Mulberry, TN Whiskey Distillery Guide Hearty sense of humor and super sized personality
Kristi McCart 264 Lbs Riverview, FL Lawyer and Mother Divorced parents / used to use unhealthy methods to lose weight
Kyle Yeo 302 Lbs Kansas City, MO Unemployed Lived majority of life as a closeted gay man
Megan Hoffman 290 Lbs Simi Valley, CA Operations and retention Manager Uses humor as a defense mechanism
Micah Callum 326 Lbs Oneonta, AL Unemployed Mother is an addict
PhiXavier Holmes 357Lbs Washington DC School Counselor Nicknamed Jukebox
Robert Richardson II 409 Lafayette, LA Tobacco Sales Manager Suffered an injury playing D1 football
Teri Aguiar 256 Lbs Columbia, IL Flight Nurse 1999 Miss Missouri

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