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ABC The Bachelor (January 2020)

Airline pilot Peter Weber is back to take his search for true love to new heights.

Title Age Profession Hometown Image
Alayah 24 Orthodontist Assistant San Antonio, TX
Alexa 27 Esthetician Chicago, IL
Avonlea 27 Cattle Rancher Fort Worth, TX
Courtney 26 Cosmetologist Venice, FL
Deandra 23 Home Care Coordinator Plano, TX
Eunice 23 Flight Attendant Chicago, IL
Hannah Ann 23 Model Knoxville, TN
Jade 26 Flight Attendant Mesa, AZ
Jasmine 25 Client Relations Manager Houston, TX
Jenna 22 Nursing Student New Lenox, IL
Katrina 28 Pro Sports Dancer Chicago, IL
Kelley 27 Attorney Chicago, IL
Kelsey 28 Professional Clothier Des Moines, IA
Kiarra 23 Nanny Kennesaw, GA
Kylie 26 Entertainment Sales Associate Santa Monica, CA
Lauren 26 Marketing Executive Glendale, CA
Lexi 26 Marketing Coordinator New York, NY
Madison 23 Foster Parent Recruiter Auburn, AL
Maurissa 23 Patient Care Coordinator Atlanta, GA
Megan 26 Flight Attendant San Francisco, CA
Mykenna 22 Fashion Blogger Langley, BC, Canada
Natasha 31 Event Planner New York, NY
Payton 23 Business Development Rep Wellesley, MA
Sarah 24 Medical Radiographer Knoxville, TN
Savannah 27 Realtor Houston, TX
Shiann 27 Administrative Assistant Las Vegas, NV
Sydney 24 Retail Marketing Manager Birmingham, AL
Tammy 24 House Flipper Syracuse, NY
Victoria F. 25 Medical Sales Rep Virginia Beach, VA
Victoria P. 27 Nurse Alexandria, LA

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