Adult Softball League

See how an Adult Softball League uses OnlineDraft to form Teams


An Adult Softball League, run by, needed a way to manage their season's draft.


OnlineDraft works perfectly for Adult League Drafts. Players are loaded ahead of the draft and coaches/managers can view potential picks and rank them before the draft begins. At the event, projected the DRAFT BOARD onto multiple TV screens for all to see. Coaches who cannot attend the draft can make their picks remotely. When the draft was over, team rosters were done and the season was ready to begin.

What they said...

"This was my first time as a league director and after doing some research I decided to use OnlineDraft. What a great decision, it was pretty simple to get all set up and running within 1 day of the draft. The draft board looks great when displayed on a big screen and it only took the coaches a few minutes to get orientated and get rolling. I will be using this for my future online drafts!"

-- Joe from

Want to see their draft? Here is the recorded live stream! Draft Event Draft Event

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