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What is OnlineDraft?

You know about the NBA Draft, the NFL draft, and drafts for fantasy sports leagues... Why not use the same concept to divide whatever you need to share or divide?

With OnlineDraft you can host your own draft. Draft Players, Shifts / Days, Tickets, or anything you need to divide among a group of people.

How does it work?

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What does the draft look like?

Read more about our Draft Engine and the powerful Live Draft and Draft Board.

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Players or People for Teams & Leagues

Selecting players for youth sports leagues can be tiring. Who is going to record the results? How many hours will it take? What is a coach can't be there in person? Which players are still available? Who was just taken? Using OnlineDraft to host your youth sports league draft solves all of this. Coaches can rank players before the draft. The commissioner can make the selections or coaches can make their own picks from a computer or any mobile device. Connect a laptop to a TV and use our Draft Board to keep everyone in sync. Results are updated instantly. Make the draft easy, fun, and quick so you can concentrate on other things. OnlineDraft works great for youth sports leagues: baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse, and more. Read More...

Use OnlineDraft for your Youth Sports League Draft Use OnlineDraft for your Youth Sports League Draft

Shift, Slots, Days

Do you need to divide shifts for your work or business? (See how Cisco Meraki drafts shifts) Set up and OnlineDraft and make it easy! Just enter your shifts or days, add your partners, and set up your draft. Hold your draft whenever you like. Once you are done, everyone has the results and even a calendar to keep track. Read More...

Use OnlineDraft to draft your vacation home / condo schedule

Vacation Weeks

Selecting vacation weeks for work can be a huge challenge. This is especially true for Physician groups or other professional groups that need to carefully divide time. (See how a Radiology group drafts vacation time shifts) Do you share a vacation home or condo? How do you determine who gets which weeks or weekends? OnlineDraft can take the hassle out of divvying up weeks, or consecutive days. Read More...

Use OnlineDraft to draft your Weeks for Vacation

Season Tickets

If you share season tickets to sporting or entertainment events, this service is for you. Instead of holding a 3-hour conference call or figuring out when all of the partners can meet in person, hold your draft here. Set up is easy and free and you can start your draft whenever you like. You can finish your draft in a few minutes or take a few days. We take the pain out of the process. All major sports and teams are available -- if your team is not here (see available teams), let us know and we'll add it. Read More...

Use OnlineDraft to draft Season Tickets to sporting events

Draft Possession in Estate or Divorce

Dividing possessions of an estate or in a divorce can be a challenging process. OnlineDraft can help make it fair and efficient. Our system will let you load and track all of the possessions. Read More...

Use OnlineDraft to draft possessions in an estate or divorce

Draft Anything

Do you need to divvy up something between a group of people? OnlineDraft can help. Use OnlineDraft for anything that is shared or needs to be divided between your group. For example, a sales department can draft accounts/leads, divide an estate, or a group can select tasks that need to be done. The Draft is similar to fantasy sports drafts with all the features your group needs. Read More...

Use OnlineDraft to draft Anything

Draft Board for In-Person Drafts

Are you hosting an In-Person Draft? Our Draft Board can be projected onto a screen for all to see. Administrators can control the draft and participants can call out their picks or make their own picks using an internet-connected device.

Use OnlineDraft to draft Anything

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OnlineDraft Products

The Draft Engine is our flagship product and allows any group to host a draft for anything they need to divide. The system is similar to fantasy sports drafts and has all of the features needed to meet your group's needs.

Draft Engine

Now you can run your own fantasy league the way you want! Load whatever you are drafting, hold the draft, and then use Custom Fantasy Leagues to keep score.

Custom Fantasy Leagues

Draft Templates are prepackage collections of common drafts. You just need to select the template you want to use to get your draft up and running quickly. For example, ABC The Bachelor, The Oscars, Sports Teams, Famous Athletes, WWE Superstars, Pokémon, CBS Survivor, and more!

Draft Templates

Sample Draft Templates:

Oscars Draft CBS Survivor Draft WWE Superstars Draft Pokémon Draft