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A fair and efficient way to divide estate possessions.

Distribution of Assets made easy!

Draft Estate Possessions

Distributing Assets, or dividing possessions, of an estate or in a divorce can be challenging. Estate auctions or estate lotteries among the heirs is often both complex and sensitive. OnlineDraft can help make the process fair and efficient. Our system will let you load and track all of the possessions. The selection process is logged, completely transparent and the results are instantly available to all heirs and participants.


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1 Load your Items

Sign up and then load the personal property from the estate you from a spreadsheet or enter them. You can load images for any item.

2 Set Up Your Draft

Enter the heirs or draft participants in the system and set the selection order. All participants will be able to review and rank the possessions before the selection begins.

3 Start the Draft

Start when you are ready. Participants can be together or access remotely from their device. Take as long as you need.

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How does it work?
First, start a group

Sign up for a free account with your email address. Then start a group.

Ranking Screen
Import the possessions

Importing possessions is easy. Either load the possessions from a spreadsheet or add them by image. Adding by image is the best option if you have taken photos of everything that needs to be divided. Simply name each image file before loading to OnlineDraft to quickly add items with a title and an image.

Import from spreadsheet Import by Image
Add Draft Participants

Add Draft Participants, or heirs, by email address. If needed, you can add neutral people or administrators who are not "IN" the draft but can observe. This administrators can also set up and control to group.

Add heir Heirs
Draft Order

Set up the draft order in three steps. First enter the number of total picks and picks per heir. If the picks per heir are not even, enter the appropriate setting in the second section. Lastly, build out a fair and transparent draft order.

Draft Order Draft Order Draft Order
Draft Preparation

Before the draft, all draft participants can view the list of possession and even use our simple ranking system to rank all of the items in the draft.The rankings will be present at the Draft and participants can even choose AutoDraft to have the system pick automatically from their highest ranked item still available.

Ranking Screen Ranking Screen
Easy Selection

The Draft is simple to use. When it is your turn, make a pick. Any draft participant can switch to AutoDraft and the system will pick their highest ranked available item.

Ranking Screen
Draft Results

The draft results are immediately available. Filter the results and click the EXCEL button to download the data or the printer icon for a print-friendly page with photos.

Ranking Screen
Track Prices

Your group has the option to track prices. This can be especially helpful if you are drafting things with varying prices or value and/or you need an accounting based on what has been selected. With Show Prices on, you will be able to see a running total per participant during the draft and complete totals after the draft has finished.

Ranking Screen
Fair and Transparent

All of the draft picks are saved to a Draft Chat log. Their entire system is designed to make the process fair, transparent, and easy to use.

Ranking Screen

We just used this to distribute my grandmothers belongings between us granddaughters. She just passed. It turned a sad situation into a very fun and pleasant one. We got to remember our grandmother and enjoy this process in a really fun and easy way! Everyone is happy!

Drama-free and fun!

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OnlineDraft can be a powerful tool for the allocation of personal property. You can act as the administrator of the group to configure and enforce the rules of the distribution agreement. The entire process is transparent and the resulting records are available to all participants. All selections are logged and draft results can be downloaded.


Easy Setup

Easy Image Upload

In Person or Remote Drafts

Pre-Assign ("Slot") Items before the Draft

Full control of the Draft Order

Administrator control of the Live Draft

List View of all Items

Pre-Rank Items before the Draft & AutoDraft

Works on any Internet-Connected Device

Email and SMS (text message) Turn Notification


Need Help Getting Setup?

Purchase Premium or Basic Support and work with our support team to analyze your needs and then develop a plan to utilize OnlineDraft. With Premium Support, we will help you fully configure your draft and be available to make sure everything starts out smoothly. We will get you prepared to use OnlineDraft going forward

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