Draft Possessions

Dividing possessions of an estate or in a divorce can be a challenging process. OnlineDraft can help make it fair and efficient. Our system will let you load and track all of the possessions. The selection process is logged, completely transparent and the results are available to all heirs and participants.


Try a real Draft for free with a Demo Group after signing up.

1 Load your Items

Sign up and then load the personal property from the the estate you from a spreadsheet or enter them. You can load images for any item.

2 Set Up Your Draft

Enter the heirs or draft participants in the system and set the selection order. All participants will be able to review and rank the possessions before the selection begins.

3 Start the Draft

Start when you are ready. Participants can be together or access remotely from their device. Take as long as you need.

Are you an Attorney?

OnlineDraft can be a powerful tool for the allocation of personal property. You can act as the administrator of the group to configure and enforce the rules of the distribution agreement. The entire process is transparent and the resulting records are available to all participants. All selections are logged and draft results can be downloaded.


Easy Setup

Easy Image Upload

In Person or Remote Drafts

Pre-Assign ("Slot") Items before the Draft

Full control of the Draft Order

Administrator control of the Live Draft

List View of all Items

Pre-Rank Items before the Draft & AutoDraft

Works on any Internet-Connected Device

Email and SMS (text message) Turn Notification

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Easy Ranking

With our simple ranking system, we make it easy for each draft participant to get ready for the draft. Participants can sort the items at any time before the draft. The rankings will be present at the Draft and participants can even choose AutoDraft to have the system pick automatically from their highest ranked item still available.

Ranking Screen
Easy Selection

When it is your turn, make a pick. Any draft participant can switch to AutoDraft and the system will pick their highest ranked available item.

Ranking Screen
Draft Results

The draft results are immediately available. Filter the results and click the EXCEL button to download the data.

Ranking Screen