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Draft Templates are prepackage collections of common drafts. You just need to select the template you want to use to get your draft up and running quickly.


We provide templates for common drafts. You will find verything from Oscars to Survivor Constestants, from professional athletes to sports teams, and from Pokémon to WWE Raw. If we don't have it, let us know!

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Draft Templates

Click on the link below to view available templates. We are always adding new templates!

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Season Tickets for Sports Teams

Do you share season tickets? OnlineDraft is a terrific way to divide games among partners. We have draft templates for many teams. You just select your team and season, add your partners and then draft!

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Custom Fantasy Leagues

Want to keep score? Use our Custom Fantasy Leagues to run your own fantasy league. It is simple to use and customizable to your leauge rules.

Custom Fantasy Leagues


Here are a few ideas on how you can use Draft Templates...

Oscars Draft CBS Survivor Draft WWE Superstars Draft Pokémon Draft