Draft Engine

Load what you need to divide. Add Participants. Configure. Start your draft.

Live Draft

The Live Draft is where the main action takes place. Make picks and follow along. Administrators can start, pause, resume the draft. This is a full-featured drafting system.

Live Draft Page

Drafting Shifts, Days, Games or anything with a date? Keep everything straight with the calendar. Make your picks from the calendar during the draft!

Draft Board

Use the Draft Board when forming teams of players. The Admin can make any pick on the board and all participants can follow along to watch the teams form as the draft unfolds...

Draft Board

Hold a draft for whatever you share or divide...

The Draft Engine allows any group to host a draft for anything they need to divide. The system is similar to fantasy sports drafts and has all of the features needed to meet your group's needs. With OnlineDraft you can fairly and efficiently divvy up or divide any shared resource. No more long phone calls, meetings, or whatever manual process you are using today. You are already familiar with professional sports drafts and fantasy drafts -- why not use the same system for whatever you need to share or divide?

The Draft Engine is our flagship product.

Our customers divide: