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What is OnlineDraft?

What is a Draft?

Is this for In Person Drafts or Remote Drafts?

What things can I draft?

Does everyone need to attend the draft?

We hold a draft "party" or "In Person Draft". Can this service help?

How do I sign up?

Does it cost anything to sign up?

I forgot my password -- what do I do?

Can I change my email address or password?

How do I create a group?

What type of group should I choose?

Can I change my group type?

Can I have two Administrators?

What teams are available?

My team or venue or season isn't listed -- what should I do?

Do I separate my tickets or keep them together?

Can I assign tickets/players/days before the draft begins?

My team/venue is not available... Will you add it?

Can I draft playoff games?

A Game or Event date or time is wrong -- what should I do?

Can I import my list of players?

Can I import players from other OnlineDraft groups?

I run a league with many divisions and drafts -- can you help?

Can I manually enter my players?

Can I edit or delete players/people after they have been added?

Is there a way to assign a player to a specific coach/team, in a specific round/pick prior to the start of the draft?

How do I add days?

Can I remove a certain day?

We have several spaces for every day in the draft -- can you support this?

I entered the wrong email address for a partner, what should I do?

Can I change a partner's name?

I am the admininstrator and not participating in the draft -- what do I do?

How do I add partners / coaches?

Can I invite multiple partners at the same time?

Can I import partners?

Can I control what partners can see?

Can a partner not be in the draft?

What do I do if a partner has "Never logged in"?

What is a Placeholder Partner/User?

How do I switch a Placeholder Partner/User to a real Partner/User?

Can I remove a partner?

Can I re-add a removed partner?

How do I create a draft?

How many draft picks should I enter?

How do I enter our draft order?

Can I use a SNAKE draft?

We will be holding a Draft Lottery for our selection order. Can I select who will draft in order 1-10?

Can I change the draft order after it has been created?

What is the Scheduled Start Time?

How can I setup a partner who will get double picks every round?

We split season tickets among 9 but each person has a different number of games. Does this service support unequal ownership?

Can I test out the Draft?

Can I assign Tickets / Players / Days before the draft begins?

How do I conduct an In Person Draft?

Why can't I start my draft?

My draft didn't start on time -- what do I do?

How do I enter the draft?

How do I pause the draft?

Can I pick for a partner?

We do an in person draft and I am looking for a site that we can allocate games as we go through the draft. Does OnlineDraft have that option?

Someone picked the wrong game -- can I undo the last pick?

Can I start my draft over?

What is AutoDraft?

Timed vs Untimed (Email) Draft

Is there a time limit for each pick?

Do we have to finish the draft within a certain amount of time?

Does the draft turn off at certain hours?

Will my partners and I get an email when it is our turn?

What is the Draft Board?

Can I skip a pick?

What is AutoSkip?

How do I pre-select my games for the draft?

Can someone watch the draft?

How can I view what I drafted?

Once we complete the draft, will we all be able to see the results for the whole season?

Can I view the results in a Calendar?

Can I download the results?

Can I make changes after the draft has completed?

Can I pre-select, or slot, players before the draft?

Can I hide the Draft Order and Player Assignments before the draft?

I run a league with many divisions and drafts -- can you help?

Do all of the coaches have to use the system?

I need to move players not drafted into and another draft -- can you help?

What happens after the draft?

Are trades supported?

How do I show the Draft Board on a TV?

Sport Ngin Integration Overview

How do I connect my Sport Ngin Account to my OnlineDraft Group?

How do I import Players from my Sport Ngin Account?

How do I import Teams from my Sport Ngin Account?

Can I assign real people to Teams imported from Sport Ngin?

Do I have to assign real people to Sport Ngin Teams?

How do I send completed Rosters, or Teams, back to Sport Ngin?

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