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  • What is OnlineDraft?
  • What is a Draft?
  • Is this for In Person Drafts or Remote Drafts?
  • What things can I draft?
  • Does everyone need to attend the draft?
  • We hold a draft "party" or "In Person Draft". Can this service help?
  • How do I sign up?
  • Does it cost anything to sign up?
  • I forgot my password -- what do I do?
  • Can I change my email address or password?
  • How do I create a group?
  • What type of group should I choose?
  • Can I change my group type?
  • Can I have two Administrators?
  • What teams are available?
  • My team or venue or season isn't listed -- what should I do?
  • We have a draft where we draft 4 tickets in 2 sets of pairs? How do we set this up?
  • How do I add Pre-Season / Exhibition Games to my season?
  • Do I draft Games or Tickets?
  • Can I assign tickets/players/days before the draft begins?
  • My team/venue is not available... Will you add it?
  • Can I add prices for my games so I can get totals for what each partner owes?
  • Can I draft playoff games?
  • A Game or Event date or time is wrong -- what should I do?
  • Can I import my list of players?
  • Can I add a default ranking for my players?
  • Can I import players from other OnlineDraft groups?
  • I run a league with many divisions and drafts -- can you help?
  • Can I manually enter my players?
  • Can I edit or delete players/people after they have been added?
  • Are all columns available in the draft?
  • Is there a way to assign a player to a specific coach/team, in a specific round/pick prior to the start of the draft?
  • I need more columns for my players!
  • I have created a group with placeholders and players and want to make sure I can replace the placeholders with actual coaches.
  • How do I remove the placeholder?
  • How do I add days?
  • Can I remove a certain day?
  • We have several spaces for every day in the draft -- can you support this?
  • I entered the wrong email address for a partner, what should I do?
  • Can I change a partner's name?
  • I am the admininstrator and not participating in the draft -- what do I do?
  • How do I add partners / coaches?
  • Can I invite multiple partners at the same time?
  • Can I import partners?
  • Can I control what partners can see?
  • Can a partner not be in the draft?
  • What do I do if a partner has "Never logged in"?
  • What is a Placeholder Partner/User?
  • How do I switch a Placeholder Partner/User to a real Partner/User?
  • Can I remove a partner?
  • Can I re-add a removed partner?
  • How do I create a draft?
  • How many draft picks should I enter?
  • How do I enter our draft order?
  • Can I use a SNAKE draft?
  • We will be holding a Draft Lottery for our selection order. Can I select who will draft in order 1-10?
  • Can I change the draft order after it has been created?
  • Our group has 8 shares but only 7 participants - 2 guys have 1.5 shares. How do I get the draft order right and the number of picks right?
  • What is the Scheduled Start Time?
  • How can I setup a partner who will get double picks every round?
  • We split season tickets among 9 but each person has a different number of games. Does this service support unequal ownership?
  • Can I test out the Draft?
  • Can I assign Tickets / Players / Days before the draft begins?
  • Can we split our drafts into 3 small drafts? Each partner gets 2 games from group one, 4 from group two and the rest are group 3. Without setting up 3 different drafts (and paying triple) is there a way to do this?

    Sure this is possible. Here is how...

    A draft ends when either there are no more picks, or there is nothing left to pick -- whichever comes FIRST! You have 90 days to complete your draft.

    To handle your situation do the following:

    1) Add all of the games in the season. Change the status of the games NOT in the first from DRAFT to HOLD

    2) Create a custom game that has a date in the future and has the title DO NOT DRAFT

    3) Create your draft order with all of the picks (I assume 81)

    4) Start your draft where only the games from the first group show up PLUS the custom DO NOT DRAFT game.

    5) When the first group games have been selected, your draft will still be ACTIVE and only the DO NOT DRAFT game will be left. The draft will not end because the custom DO NOT DRAFT game will still be present AND you still have more picks to be made.

    6) When you are ready to draft the second group, change the status of those games from HOLD to DRAFT

    7) Partners return to the LIVE DRAFT to make selections for the 2nd group

    8) Repeat the steps for the 3rd group.

    9) The draft will end when the last pick has been made.

  • How do I conduct an In Person Draft?
  • Why can't I start my draft?
  • My draft didn't start on time -- what do I do?
  • How do I enter the draft?
  • How do I pause the draft?
  • Can I pick for a partner?
  • We do an in person draft and I am looking for a site that we can allocate games as we go through the draft. Does OnlineDraft have that option?
  • Someone picked the wrong game -- can I undo the last pick?
  • Can I start my draft over?
  • What is AutoDraft?
  • Timed vs Untimed (Email) Draft
  • Is there a time limit for each pick?
  • Do we have to finish the draft within a certain amount of time?
  • Does the draft turn off at certain hours?
  • Will my partners and I get an email when it is our turn?
  • What is the Draft Board?
  • Can I skip a pick?
  • What is AutoSkip?
  • How do I pre-select my games for the draft?
  • Can someone watch the draft?
  • Can I turn of the System Message for PAUSE/RESUME Draft?
  • How can I view what I drafted?
  • Once we complete the draft, will the results be available for reference later in the year?
  • Can I print out the results?
  • Can I view the results in a Calendar?
  • Can I download the results?
  • Can I make changes after the draft has completed?
  • Can I pre-select, or slot, players before the draft?
  • Can I hide the Draft Order and Player Assignments before the draft?
  • I run a league with many divisions and drafts -- can you help?
  • Do all of the coaches have to use the system?
  • I need to move players not drafted into and another draft -- can you help?
  • What happens after the draft?
  • Are trades supported?
  • How do I show the Draft Board on a TV?
  • Sport Ngin Integration Overview
  • How do I connect my Sport Ngin Account to my OnlineDraft Group?
  • How do I import Players from my Sport Ngin Account?
  • How do I import Teams from my Sport Ngin Account?
  • Can I assign real people to Teams imported from Sport Ngin?
  • Do I have to assign real people to Sport Ngin Teams?
  • How do I send completed Rosters, or Teams, back to Sport Ngin?
  • Can the Administrator or other Heirs access another Heir's list of rankings?
  • Can an heir drop out of the draft if they do not want to make any more picks?
  • How should I setup my Draft knowing that heir will drop out after a few picks.

    A draft ends when either there are no more picks in the draft or there is nothing left to pick -- whichever happens first!

    If you know that one or more of the heirs will drop out, then you need to set up your draft order accordingly by adding more draft picks than the number of items in the draft. When an heir decides to drop out of the draft by turning on AutoSkip, the draft will continue with enough picks so that the draft ends when there is nothing left to draft.

  • If a Partner does not want to select with their turn in a certain pick/round how do they skip just that pick/round?
  • How would I set up a draft where we have four equal shares, but one share is divided by 5 people? If that makes sense. Do I limit the picks they have or some other formula?

    If the 5 people are going to take turns, you could add all 8 people into the draft. On the DRAFT ORDER page, in the first section set it up so 3 people get 25% of the total picks and then 5 people get 5% of the total picks.

    In the second section, you would enter 25 picks per round.

    In the third section, use the DRAFT ORDER WIZARD and set your initial draft order so that the 25% partners get picks in every 4 picks while the 5% partners get on pick per every 4 alternating.

    The initial order (25 picks) would look something like this:

    • 25% 1
    • 25% 2
    • 25% 3
    • 5% A
    • 25% 1
    • 25% 2
    • 25% 3
    • 5% B
    • 25% 1
    • 25% 2
    • 25% 3
    • 5% C
    • 25% 1
    • 25% 2
    • 25% 3
    • 5% D
    • 25% 1
    • 25% 2
    • 25% 3
    • 5% E

    That would handle 25 picks at a time and then would simply repeat that pattern until all of the necessary picks have been made.

    We also offer a DRAFT ORDER ALGORITHM that could handle this as well. It is integrated into section 2 of the DRAFT ORDER PAGE and offers a mathematically derived solution that may be preferable. With the second link you could actually try it out to see what a draft order would look like (enter 8 people with 25, 25, 25, 5 x 5 picks).

  • Is there a way for someone to select nothing or not select? For example, they don’t want anything else.

    Yes, at any point any participant can switch their AUTOSKIP setting to ON which tells the system to automatically skip all of their future picks without making any selections.

    This can be very useful if a participant wants to select just a few things and then nothing else.

  • Overall, how can OnlineDraft preclude the Administrator, who is also a Partner, from having an opportunity to self-serve?
  • There are currently over one thousand items in our draft. What would be the recommended # of items and corresponding picks for a pick/round?
  • If a Partner becomes temporarily unavailable and sets their account to “AUTO SKIP” or “AUTO DRAFT” can they later remove these settings to continue selecting for themselves?
  • Are the “SKIP PICK” and "AutoPick" options only available to the Administrator? Can this skip just a certain pick/round for a Partner or does this skip the pick/round for everyone?
  • Once The Draft starts can the Administrator add or remove items from The Draft?
  • How would “PRE-ASSIGN” be applicable / useful to our estate personal property Draft?
  • I am not getting emails from you!

    You must be able to receive emails from in order to use this service. Please review the following:

    1) Check your SPAM or JUNK email folders. While we maintain a positive sender reputation because we DO NOT send unsolicited emails, our emails can sometimes be incorrectly delivered to SPAM or JUNK. Check these folders to see if our emails have been delivered here. If they are, be sure to mark the emails as NOT SPAM.

    2) Be sure you are using the correct email address. People have multiple email addresses -- be sure that you are trying to login using the email address that you used to sign up, or the email address that your group administrator used to sign you up.

  • I was added to a group but do not see it when I login. Where is it?

    Check the "TO:" field in the email notifying you that you have been added to a group. Make sure that email address in the "TO:" field is the same one you are using.

    If you need to change the email address, contact your group administrator directly and have him or her use a different email address.

  • Cannot click on links in Email for Password Finder or Email Verification.

    If you cannot click on links in emails from us, you can use the information included in the emails and enter it in the appropriate form.

    Change Password Form (requires User ID, Verification Code and Temporary Password from the Password Email)

    Account Verification (requires New User ID and Verification Code)

  • Verify My Account

    Account Verification (requires New User ID and Verification Code)