Physician Vacation Draft

Physician Group Uses OnlineDraft to Divide Vacation Days


The Myrtle Beach division of Carolina Radiology, a group of 18 Radiologists, needed a fair and efficient way to divide vacation days. Their previous methods used multiple spreadsheets and were tedious and imperfect and always ended with upset physicians. Could OnlineDraft offer a better way?


Carolina Radiology switched to OnlineDraft. One physician loaded the available vacation days and added the other physicians to the group. Getting everyone registered and getting the draft configured was a snap. Physicians could get email and text message turn notifications so their draft kept moving. Once their draft began, the group moved through their draft within 2.5 days. The draft results were available immediately in a list view and calendar view AND are available indefinitely so that physicians can check the schedule later for reference and to make trades.

What they said...

"OnlineDraft was easy to set up and went very quickly once started. Our entire group is extremely pleased with the process and the results."

-- Dr. Mike B. from Carolina Radiology

Key Features for Carolina Radiology

  • Draft results available in real time
  • Text and Email Turn notifications kept draft moving
  • Can import and export vacation days to their Schedule Management System
Carolina Radiology Calendar view of cookie booths Vacation Days

What do you need to divide?

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Need Help Getting Setup?

Purchase Premium Support and work with our support team to analyze your business needs and then develop a plan to utilize OnlineDraft. With Premium Support, we will help you fully configure your draft and be available to make sure everything starts out smoothly. We will get your business prepared to use OnlineDraft going forward

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Here's how this group set up their Vacation Draft...

1. Once you've logged in, enter a name for your group.
2. Select the group type WEEKS.
3. Now add the days... Use the By Date Range option.
4. Select your desired range.


5. Enter one or more slots for your range. Helpful if more than one person can take the same week off.
6. Option to remove days. For example, remove Saturdays and Sundays so you are just drafting Monday - Friday.
7. Add your partners with email address and name.
8. Create your draft.
9. Enter the number of days per pick. This draft is Monday - Friday so enter 5 here. You can do 7 for entire weeks.
10. Enter the start day. For this draft, all picks must start on a Monday!
11. Enter total picks and number of picks per partner.
12. Set the initial draft order.
13. Draft Order Set -- ready to draft!
14. Key Settings! For Week drafts, be sure you set these two settings correctly.
15. Start the Draft!
16. It's your turn -- make your pick! Notice that only the first day of the week is shown and that this draft has more than one slot for each week.
17. Confirm your pick.
18. The Draft is Over! All of the picks have been made. All partners can see the results in a list and Calendar. Dividing up Vacation Weeks has never been this easy!