College Sailing Regatta Draft

The Midwest Collegiate Sailing Associated needed a way to assign hundreds of racing berths to 40+ Colleges


40+ college sailing teams needed to fairly select racing berths for their season regattas. Getting everyone in the same place at the same time was one challenge, having a fair and efficient way to divide over 400 racing berths was another! Enter OnlineDraft...


MCSA used OnlineDraft to assign berths for their Regatta Season. The administrator loaded all of the possible berths and then sent an invitation link to all of the collegiate race teams. Teams could make their selections at their turns. The draft took about a day to complete with all colleges accessing the system remotely via an internet connected device. When the draft was over, everyone had a list and calendar view of the entire season.

What they said...

"I just needed to input each berth into OnlineDraft and then it was very simple logistically to schedule our conference regattas for the year."

-- Brian T. from Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association

What did they do before OnlineDraft?

Before OnlineDraft, team representatives would stand in line and then walk one at a time through the regatta to write their name on a piece of paper. At the end of the day, someone would manually input each berth.

They also tried using a Google Form where teams would fill out their selections in their given order, but that system was buggy, took much longer than expected, and people were able to make their selections out of turn.

Do those old methods sound familiar? OnlineDraft is a fair, efficient, and fun way to divide whatever you share!

Collegiate Sailing List of Berths Calendar View of Berths

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