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Host a draft to easily form teams from any group of players.

Draft Players for Sports Leagues

OnlineDraft will make your Sports League Draft easy, efficient, and fun. Setup is simple and it is free to try. The Draft is similar to fantasy sports drafts with all the features your league needs to draft teams.


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1 Load Players

Sign up and then load the league's players from a spreadsheet. You can even add player photos.

2 Set Up Your Draft

Add your coaches and then enter your draft details. You can pre-assign or "slot" players before the draft begins.

3 Coaches Pick Players

Start when you are ready. Connect the Draft Board to a TV for your in person draft. Any coach can access the draft remotely from their device. Start your season!

Which Sports

OnlineDraft works great for all youth and adult sports leagues that need to form teams from a pool of players: baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, kickball and more.

Easy Import

It takes just a couple of minutes to load your players into our system from a spreadsheet. Include up to 5 customizable fields per player plus an optional Admin Rank and contact info (only available to assigned coach).

Import Players Screen
Pick from Draft Board

Connect your laptop to a TV and run your draft from the draft board . Each coach can use their own device to see a list of available players updated in real time. You can also pre-select or "slot" players from the draft board and make sibling or buddy picks during the draft.

Draft Board
Remote Draft Option

Some or all of the draft participants can be remote. If a coach cannot make the draft, they can pick from anywhere with any internet connected device. If the leagues wants, everyone can draft remotely. Having this option available makes sure that all coaches can participate in the draft AND you can keep to your schedule!

Remote Options
Draft Preparation

When loading your players, you can include up to 5 customizable columns plus comments and an ID. You may optionally include photos (bulk loading available) and an Admin Rank. Player details can be made available to all coaches in advance of the draft to GREATLY improve draft preparation and team parity.

Player Card
Draft Results & Player Management

The draft results are available immediately to all coaches/managers. Filter the results and click on the EXCEL button to download your roster including contact information.

Player Management
Admin Rank

Using Admin Rank, your league can quickly apply a ranking order to all players. This rank can be generated by an objective party, or it can be the average of participating coaches, or it can be generated however your league wants. The Admin Rank becomes the default ranking for all players.

League Parity

Many sports leagues are trying to form more balanced teams. OnlineDraft can help with Admin Rank, which allows for a league ranking on each player that is available to all coaches / managers. With Admin Rank set, coaches should be able to make better selections throughout the draft. In addition OnlineDraft is a transparent system where all draft picks and trades are logged and details are to the entire group.

Easy Ranking

With our simple ranking system, we make it easy for each draft participant to get ready for the draft. Coaches/Managers can rank the players at any time before the draft. The rankings will be available at the Draft and coaches can bring an internet connected device and have the players available updated in real time.

Ranking Screen
Bulk Photo Upload

Easily add photos for each player.

Bulk Photo Upload
League Rules

The OnlineDraft system has all of the functionality needed to comply with your league's official draft rules and regulations. Players can be easily loaded from the registration data via a spreadsheet. The draft order, configuration, and details remain password protected. The league administrator has complete control over access to the draft system.


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Don't use little league baseball draft sheet templates! Use OnlineDraft -- the best youth / adult sports draft software!



Easy Setup

Player Import

In Person or Remote Drafts

Pre-Assign ("Slot") Players before the Draft

Assign Players during the Draft (sibling / buddy picks)

Full control of the Draft Order

Administrator control of the Live Draft

List View of all Players

Player Details

Assign Admin Ranks to Players

Pre-Rank Players before the Draft & AutoDraft

Can player information be confidential?

Multiple Drafts?

Works on any Internet-Connected Device

What about Trades?

Email and SMS (text message) Turn Notification

Download Roster After Draft

Add Player Photos

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AYSO Region 18

Youth Baseball Leagues

Soccer league divides over 2100 players and saves tons of time.

Youth Soccer League

Lee's Summit JR Basketball

Youth Baseball Leagues

Youth league uses OnlineDraft to form teams from 1400 youth athletes.

Youth Basketball League

Pony Baseball League

Youth Baseball Leagues

Baseball Association uses OnlineDraft to form youth teams.

Youth Baseball League

Adult Softball League

LiveSoftball.tv uses OnlineDraft for their Adult Softball Leagues.

LiveSoftball.tv uses OnlineDraft for their Adult Softball Leagues.

Adult League

ABA League Draft

Use OnlineDraft for your sports leagues

The American Basketball League uses OnlineDraft for their ABA Gold Draft.

League Draft

Hawks 3-on-3 Tournament

Use OnlineDraft for your sports leagues

The Atlanta Hawks use OnlineDraft to make teams for their employee 3 on 3 tournament

3-on-3 Tournament

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"We used online draft for our NJB basketball draft and our Bronco Baseball league draft. The set up was fast, simple, and so efficient!!! At the actual draft I connected my laptop to a tv and made the picks. It was very quick and easy to assign each player, once the Manager's made their selections. I have conducted at least 50 youth sports drafts over the years and using OnlineDraft was a phenomenal improvement. I used to spend hours setting everything up and then at the actual Draft, my old system was very cumbersome. I would highly encourage utilizing, and recommend OnlineDraft for anyone who has ever run, or been involved with any type of draft format. This program is AWESOME!!!"

Robert S. Newport Harbor Baseball Association

"OnlineDraft and its SportsEngine Integration reduces the time and effort required of our league reps and coaches, who are all volunteers, to get a season started by over 50% allowing them to focus on basketball and not manual, one by one player rostering. It also speeds up our player draft by at least 30 minutes per draft."

John T. Lee's Summit JR Basketball Association

"We used OnlineDraft for our kids' Pony league drafts in a couple divisions this year and it was fantastic! Very easy to set up, great display during the draft to keep everyone on task, and simple to manage the process and disseminate the team information after it was completed. This is a no-brainer for youth leagues!"

Carey R.

"This draft tool is fantastic! I just participated in a draft for a kids basketball league and I did the entire thing sitting in seat 30D while flying between Los Angeles and New York City. The draft went very smoothly and it was easy to follow and sort the players and make the selections. This was such a fantastic tool to use for a kids' league and I could imagine it would be great for working out other details like vacation home dates and more. Well done, OnlineDraft!!"

Jeff B.

"This was my first time as a league director and after doing some research I decided to use OnlineDraft. What a great decision, it was pretty simple to get all set up and running within 1 day of the draft. The draft board looks great when displayed on a big screen and it only took the coaches a few minutes to get orientated and get rolling. I will be using this for my future online drafts!"

Joe I. @ LiveSoftball.tv