Use Drafts to simplify allocation for your business.


OnlineDraft allows your business to quickly divide business resources or tasks between your team members. A draft is efficient and transparent. The results of the draft are available for all participants.


If you need to allocate a lead list, use OnlineDraft. The administrator adds the leads, adds the sales represenatives, and then configures the draft. The Admin has complete control over the draft order and the draft.


Selecting shifts can be a challenge. Using OnlineDraft makes it easy. Enter the available shifts and then enter your team members. Start the draft and fill all of the shifts!

Drafting shifts works well for Open House allocation for realtors!


Similar to leads, load the accounts and the team members and start you draft!

Vacation Days

Choosing vacation days should be easier. With OnlineDraft, enter your vacations, add your partners, set your draft order (you set the order so can factor in seniority or anything else), and then start your draft.

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