3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Draft

The Atlanta Hawks use OnlineDraft to make teams for their employee 3 on 3 tournament


Every year the Atlanta Hawks hold an intense employee 3 on 3 basketball tournament. They needed a better way to make teams.


The Hawks take their employee 3 on 3 tournament serioursly. A good tournament starts with a fair way to make teams. Picking teams is also a big part of the fun for all involved. The tournament administrator set up all of the players and teams into the OnlineDraft system. At the draft start time, all of the managers logged in to make their picks. All of the players could watch online via the public draft view. Everyone enjoyed watching the picks unfold and the teams form. Once the draft was complete, the teams were set and the 3 on 3 tournament could begin!

What they said...

"Each year we host an employee 3v3 tournament in which we do a very intense but fun draft. To take it to the next level this year, we decided to look for an online draft option in which people who were not participating in the draft could watch live as they were assigned to a team. I came across OnlineDraft via a Google search. I created an account and messed around on the website testing out a few things. They were very responsive when I submitted questions! We ended up doing two practice drafts. The day of our real draft went really smoothly and we received great feedback from all who participated."

-- Blake

Key Features for the Hawks 3 on 3 Tournament

  • Public Draft View so all players could watch
  • Draft Chat Board so coaches could "banter" throughout the draft
  • Team rosters available as soon as the draft is over
  • Easy setup
  • Remote Login

Draft Players for Teams

Atlanta Hawks Players in the Draft Draft Chat

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