Draft Weeks

Who gets which week or weeks? OnlineDraft simplies the process.

Draft Weeks

Need to divide vacation weeks for work? Use OnlineDraft to simplify the process. The Draft is similar to fantasy sports drafts with all the features your group divide weeks.


Try a real Draft for free with a Demo Group after signing up.

1 Select Weeks for Draft

Sign up and then set your date range for the draft.

2 Set Up Your Draft

Add your partners/pickers and then set your draft details. You can pre-assign weeks before the draft begins.

3 Select your Weeks!

Start when you are ready. Have a timed or untimed draft. Everyone makes their picks and you are done!


See how a physicians group uses OnlineDraft to divide Vacation Weeks.

Physician Vacation Draft


Easy Setup

Timed or Untimed Drafts

Email and SMS (text message) Turn Notification

Full control of the Draft Order

Administrator control of the Live Draft

Calendar and List View of all Days

Works on any Internet-Connected Device

In Person or Remote Drafts

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Easy Selection

When it is your turn, make a pick!

Make a Pick
Draft Results

The draft results are immediately available in a Calendar. All partners can return to the calendar year round to reference who has which weeks.

Calendar of Shifts

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