CBS Survivor Draft and Fantasy League

CBS Survivor Draft and Fantasy League | Fantasy Survivor

Do you think you know who is going to be the sole survivor of CBS Survivor Winners at War? Now you can prove it!

Instead of just watching Survivor, host a draft with your friends, family, colleagues and compete with your own CBS Survivor Fantasy Draft and League!

1 Import

Use a Draft Template to instantly load all of the Survivors.

2 Invite

Add your friends, family, and colleagues to join the competition.

3 Draft

Start your draft! Each person makes their picks and ends up with a team of Survivors.

4 Watch

Watch Survivor and keep score! Set up your own rules.

Import Nominees

It is a snap to load the 20 Survivors. Just login, start a group, and then select Import Template.

Import Survivors

All of the survivors will be instantly loaded into your group and ready to draft!

Add Friends

You can add your friends, family, and colleagues by email address or send out an invite link.


Start your draft whenever you are ready. Picks are made from any internet-connected device. All of the bells and whistles are here to make your draft run smoothly.

Survivor Draft!

With all the picks done, you and your friends can sit back and watch Survivor and keep score! Bragging rights are on the line!

Watch CBS Survivor!
Keep Score

Use our Custom Fantasy Leagues to keep score. Set up your league your way. OnlineDraft has everything you need to run your Custom Fantasy League for CBS Survivor!

Custom Fantasy Leagues

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